Research Project

  1. 2013.08-2016.07 National Science Council
    「Application of Augmented Reality in Astronomy Teaching: Learning Environment Development, Teaching Training Curriculum Design, and Learning Effect Assessment」 - Project manager
    (3 years)[102-2511-S-259-009-MY3]

  2. 2012.08-2013.07 National Science Council
    「The Cohesion and Development of Online Learning Communities: a Perspective on Community Management」 - Project manager

  3. 2010.08-2012.07 National Science Council
    「A Study on Message Delivery and Peer Interaction as Mechanisms for the Online English Learning Environment」 - Project manager
    (2 years) [NSC 99-2511-S-259-007-MY2]

  4. 2009.08-2010.07 National Science Council
    「Exploration of Emails as the Assisting and Strengthening Tool for On-Line English-Learning System」 - Project manager
    [NSC 98-2511-S-259 -004]

  5. 2007.11-2008.07 National Science Council
    「Mobile Technology Supported Collaborative Learning in a Fieldtrip Activity」 - Project manager
    [NSC 96-2516-S-026 -002]